Lo-Fi/Sci-Fi at the Mind Unwind Gallery/Treehouse Lounge

The Lo-Fi/Sci-Fi show was one of the most massive shows I’ve done!  The Lo-Fi portion took place upstairs in the Treehouse Lounge, boasting of over 55 stenciled records ranging from musical to film icons.  The Sci-Fi portion filled the Mind Unwind Gallery with science fiction  pop art painted on recycled wood and second-hand paintings.  Here’s an interview from the 4/11/13 opening with myself and gallery owner Krystal Kelley conducted in a Chewbacca and Han Solo cut-out I made for the opening.

Video, C3P-O, Chewy Roar, Land Speeder, Ludovico Treatment, record, and Yoda and Vader lap dance pictures courtesy of Mark Brent from Seattletopia.  https://www.facebook.com/Seattletopia

All other pictures by Dave Ryan.

Mind Unwind Gallery


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  1. Larry Steiner says:

    Love your stuff buddy. I met you at Freemont Market many years ago. I bought five vinyl beauties and they have brought me endless joy. They are low-brow treaty biscuits that make great gifts. I put Walter and Dude right over my espresso machine. They greet me every morn and enlighten me on the complexities of life . I just ordered five more. Nice site. How about a “Buy 4 get 1 free deal? Somehow I prefer the ironic cult characters over the rockstar icons. Hows about one w the Soggy Bottom Boys? Keep up the great work. -Love ElSteiner

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